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The Power of Spot

Focus on your applications rather than the administration of your cloud infrastructure with Spot by NetApp.

Spot uses machine learning and analytics to automate and optimise cloud infrastructure on AWS, Azure and GCP, freeing up your time to focus on more valuable work.

Using Spot by NetApp, we deliver an average 83% cost reduction without impacting availability, maintaining your 99.99% SLAs.

How does Spot do it?

Spot continuously assesses your cloud infrastructure, cost, and usage to make the most intelligent provisioning and balancing decisions for you - and it does it effortlessly, affordably (You only pay a percentage of what you save), and in real-time.

Spot's automation and optimisation continuously monitors and analyses your workloads and automatically scales infrastructure to precisely meet your demands. That means you get exactly the resources you need when you need them, so you can avoid waste and use your cloud budget more efficiently.

Spot IS the next evolution

Over 1500 customers, including IBM, Samsung and Ticketmaster have already joined the next evolution in technology and are using Spot on the main cloud providers - including Azure, AWS and Google.

Spot also delivers outstanding customer satisfaction and a world-class team that can help you and your business get the most out of the cloud. From CD (continuous development), to CI (continuous integration) the next evolution adds Continuous optimisation of your cloud environments.

Spot isn't just part of the evolution of technology. It IS the next evolution of technology.

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